The first time I met Jarvis Cocker…

Pulp performing at Glastonbury 2011

The first time I met Jarvis Cocker I was 16. Me and my friend Martin went to see Pulp perform at Hull Ice Arena on 28th November 1998.

The gig was ace!

And then afterwards we went and stood outside the back door where we thought they’d be coming out.

It was late November so completely freezing, and we didn’t have coats with us (you don’t take a coat into a gig, it stops you being able to jump around)

Eventually the whole of Pulp came out and I was completely awestruck! I had no idea what to say! Just babbled on some incoherent nonsense. I spoke to all of them probably just saying “I think you’re brilliant! I think you’re ace!”

What on earth do you say when you meet your hero?? There was no way teenage Sheena would have been able to articulate to Jarvis and Pulp how important they were to her (I wouldn’t be able to do it now either!) Just being near them and saying words that they heard and responded to was mind blowing!!

Anyway, me and Martin had our photos taken with all of the band members and eventually they left. Then Martin’s dad picked us up and drove us home. We were giddy from that night for ages afterwards!!

Sheena x


A Bit Of A Do…

Hi Drunken Friends!

We have some massively exciting news to share with you today!!

From September Drunken Chorus will be taking over the Club Soda drama group (previously known as Big White Light) which we have renamed as DISCO DISCO. We have been facilitating these sessions for a few years and we now have the opportunity to run the group – which has been a dream of ours for a long time.

We decided we wanted to make a big deal about this and so have been working away at planning a launch event which we are really excited to be able to tell you about today!

So please put these dates in your diary! On September 21st and 22nd we will be putting on A Bit Of A Do a FREE mini-festival of performance by artists and companies with and without disabilities. The event will take place at TMRW in Croydon and will be fully wheelchair accessible and British Sign Language interpreted. Tickets are limited though so booking is essential – click here to book online now!

To help us celebrate we have invited some of our favourite artists and companies to come and perform in a two-day extravaganza of work that defies category, confounds expectation and smashes barriers! YES!

 Oh it is so exciting!!

The event is headlined by Touretteshero & Captain Hotknives. On Thursday 21st September we’re partnering with Improbable to host a Devoted & Disgruntled Satellite Event on networks in the disability arts sector. And on both evenings we’ll have a bar run by the fantastic Ignition Brewery (beer brewed by adults with learning disabilities!).

 All events at the festival take place at TMRW in Croydon: The No.1 co-working and office space for Tech in south London.

Full line-up, schedule and free booking details are here.

 A Bit Of A Do is made possible by generous support from Big Lottery Fund and the Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy Programme.

We can’t wait for you to celebrate with us!

Love DC x

We’re going to STOFF!!!

Photo by Marianne Chua

Drunken Friends!

We are SO excited to be able to share our news! We have been invited to perform ‘Love and then Lighthouses’ at STOFF festival in Stockholm this September!! Hooray!!

We will be performing at Teater Tribunalen on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th September. More details can be found here.

Chris has performed at the festvial before and says it is awesome!  But Sheena has never been!

Expect the DC instagram to be filled with Swedish wonderfulness in early September!!

We can’t wait!

Love DC x

Photos from performance at Tristan Bates Theatre #2

Hi Drunken Friends!

In April we performed our new show Love and then Lighthouses at Tristan Bates Theatre alongside the emerging solo artists we mentored as part of ‘It’s All In Your Head‘ It was fantastic to be performing with them all again : )

Here are some photos from the first day of dress rehearsals featuring Miranda Prag and Holly Clark.

All photos by 

Love DC x

Photos from performance at Tristan Bates Theatre #1

Hello Drunken Friends!

Last month we performed our new show Love and then Lighthouses at Tristan Bates Theatre and we are really excited to be able to share some photographs from our dress rehearsal!

All photos by .


Love DC x


Love and then Lighthouses at FIRST Festival!!

Hi Drunken Friends!

We are back in the rehearsal room today working on our new show Love and then Lighthouses which we will be performing at First Festival, Tristan Bates theatre at the end of April! We are very EXCITED!!

We are also really happy to be reunited with our It’s All In Your Head artists who will be performing alongside us! Whoop!

Full details below…

Drunken Chorus and Greenwich & Lewisham Young People’s Theatre present…


A new show by Drunken Chorus, plus short performances by young artists from Greenwich & Lewisham Young People’s Theatre

A part of FIRST Festival of Solo Performance 2017

Dates: Thurs 27 – Sat 29 April, 8pm
Standard Tickets: 
£12 / £10 Concs.
£10 tickets for bookings of 8+

Click here to book!

We really hope you can make it!!

Love DC x

Artist diaries: Miranda #3



The final week of rehearsal has been all about fine-tuning: pushing back all the furniture in my living room and practising each section over and over again, filming myself, watching it back, tweaking a bit, filming myself again, watching it back, tweaking again.

On Tuesday morning before I began rehearsing I found a half-drowned mouse in my kitchen sink. I tried to rescue it but it died in front of my eyes. I hoped it wasn’t a metaphor for the state of my performance.

I had a few days of minor panic where I felt like I’d completely forgotten what I was trying to say with my piece, and had a suspicion it might be a load of bollocks. But then I did some thinking and remembered, and felt OK again.

I did a bit of lying awake at night, reciting my lines over and over to myself. Felt a bit like Lady Macbeth only less murdery.

Had a rehearsal with Becky, who’ll be BSL interpreting my piece. Having Becky with me on stage added an interesting new dynamic – there were a few moments I was having trouble with but having another person to interact with at those moments really helped them along.

My outrageous costume arrived. I’m both in love with and horrified by it.

Two days to go until the performance now. Fairly certain I’ll go on another oh-shit-this-is-crap-oh-wait-no-it’s-actually-OK-oh-but-is-it-though mental rollercoaster before then but for now I feel calm and a little bit excited. Roll on Sunday…

Follow Miranda here.

Love DC x