Photos from performance at Tristan Bates Theatre #1

Hello Drunken Friends!

Last month we performed our new show Love and then Lighthouses at Tristan Bates Theatre and we are really excited to be able to share some photographs from our dress rehearsal!

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Love and then Lighthouses at FIRST Festival!!

Hi Drunken Friends!

We are back in the rehearsal room today working on our new show Love and then Lighthouses which we will be performing at First Festival, Tristan Bates theatre at the end of April! We are very EXCITED!!

We are also really happy to be reunited with our It’s All In Your Head artists who will be performing alongside us! Whoop!

Full details below…

Drunken Chorus and Greenwich & Lewisham Young People’s Theatre present…


A new show by Drunken Chorus, plus short performances by young artists from Greenwich & Lewisham Young People’s Theatre

A part of FIRST Festival of Solo Performance 2017

Dates: Thurs 27 – Sat 29 April, 8pm
Standard Tickets: 
£12 / £10 Concs.
£10 tickets for bookings of 8+

Click here to book!

We really hope you can make it!!

Love DC x

Artist diaries: Miranda #3



The final week of rehearsal has been all about fine-tuning: pushing back all the furniture in my living room and practising each section over and over again, filming myself, watching it back, tweaking a bit, filming myself again, watching it back, tweaking again.

On Tuesday morning before I began rehearsing I found a half-drowned mouse in my kitchen sink. I tried to rescue it but it died in front of my eyes. I hoped it wasn’t a metaphor for the state of my performance.

I had a few days of minor panic where I felt like I’d completely forgotten what I was trying to say with my piece, and had a suspicion it might be a load of bollocks. But then I did some thinking and remembered, and felt OK again.

I did a bit of lying awake at night, reciting my lines over and over to myself. Felt a bit like Lady Macbeth only less murdery.

Had a rehearsal with Becky, who’ll be BSL interpreting my piece. Having Becky with me on stage added an interesting new dynamic – there were a few moments I was having trouble with but having another person to interact with at those moments really helped them along.

My outrageous costume arrived. I’m both in love with and horrified by it.

Two days to go until the performance now. Fairly certain I’ll go on another oh-shit-this-is-crap-oh-wait-no-it’s-actually-OK-oh-but-is-it-though mental rollercoaster before then but for now I feel calm and a little bit excited. Roll on Sunday…

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Artist diaries: Holly #2


At the beginning of the process I found it really hard to start. I am not a confident writer and it doesn’t come naturally to me so knew I just needed to be in a rehearsal room and start trying ideas. That’s how I would normally work but the first time I was in the rehearsal room on my own. I felt overwhelmed by the fact it was just me in the room and I needed to actually get up on my feet and do something. I got over it in  later rehearsals by being just a little more prepared and breaking it down into sections. I also invited a friend one rehearsal to help bounce ideas off and progress my thinking further to help develop something. Then the valuable feedback from Sheena and Chris, when I had something to show meant I had more to focus on and play around with they really helped me turn my beginning ideas and starting points to more of a full piece.

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Artist diaries: Caldy #3



The week of the show….eek! Still trying to piece everything together in my head, practise, re-run, buy costumes and make the music fit seamlessly with the movement….but feeling confident it will come together by the end of the week! I’m really looking forward to being part of The Sick of The Fringe, having a performance opportunity and sharing my work with family and friends.

My idea has evolved and changed through this process, and I feel I will continue to explore the content and structure of the work after this performance. The work began with a solo in a living room and a lecture discussion, and at times it’s been hard to work out how they both fit side by side with interludes of movement, and I’m still wondering.

I’ll definitely continue to work on this piece throughout the year. I don’t think I’ll be making it longer but rather evolve the content and how it all fits together.

I’m really interested to hear what people think about it.


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Artist diaries: Koko #2



I always knew what I was. I was female. I was mixed race. I was aged…

GREY started as a piece of spoken word about depression. It grew into a spoken word piece with live looping (using Lulu, my additional limb and trusty loop station) and then continued to inspire more spoken word pieces. I knew I wanted to create a solo show about depression (and was really interested in the affect on black people specifically) so this seemed like a natural progression.

I started talking about mental health within the black community online and found that there was a conversation to be had. People were really open and happy to talk about their mental health but didn’t feel like there was a safe space for them to do that in. I started questioning why that was, seeing as there are so many great mental health charities and groups for people to go to. It all seemed to link back to the idea that these were space that were mainly occupied by white people and somehow weren’t meant for black people. I knew that, because of this, I had to make GREY.

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Artist diaries: Hazel #2



So, this is the week where I will be performing my piece at Camden People’s Theatre, alongside Drunken Chorus, as part of the It’s All in Your Head project. On Friday evening, I performed my piece as a work in progress at The Tramshed, and received feedback which I have actively been working on this week, leading up to Sunday’s performance. My piece is continuously growing and changing – and will continue to do so, probably up until I’m on the stage! It’s important for me to allow this piece to grow, as there is so much I can touch on and explore within the theme. The feedback forms have been imperative to have during the last week of rehearsals, as constructive criticism is something I value wholeheartedly. My idea hasn’t overly changed since the beginning of the process, but I have taken different directions and approaches to the piece that I wouldn’t have thought of straight away. Chris and Sheena have been extremely helpful, in terms of seeing things differently or trying things in a new way. I would like to continue my piece after this project, with the hopes of extending it and possibly taking it around schools in the borough, to raise awareness of Body Dysmorphic Disorder to young adults. I would take it in a different direction for a school audience, with a possible questions and answers discussion after the performance. I am looking forward to The Sick of the Fringe festival this weekend, and am excited to see the other solo performance pieces, as well as Drunken Chorus. I am already feeling the nerves setting in, as this is the first time I have ever performed not only a solo piece, but something I have written myself, and it is quite nerve-racking to think I will be sharing that in a matter of days! However, the experience has been extremely valuable to me and I have learned many new skills which I can use to further my solo performance career.

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