Love and then Lighthouses at Room Festival!

Love And Then Lighthouses

We are really excited to announce that we will be performing a work in progress version of our new show Love and then Lighthouses at Room Festival at Arts Depot on Friday 18th November!! More details here. Room Festival is a ‘Pay What You Decide’ event and tickets are limited so make sure you book!

We are making this show with support from Greenwich & Lewisham Young People’s Theatre through their Arts Council England funded Progression programme. As part of that we are also running weekly solo performance workshops with a group of 18-30 year olds. More details here.


Love and then Lighthouses

Sheena loves Pulp. She joined the fanclub ‘Pulp People’ when she was 13. She saw them live for the first time in their hometown of Sheffield and she’s got a pair of ‘Pulp pants’ signed by Jarvis Cocker.

20 years on and Sheena still goes to indie discos, still always requests they play Pulp and still has the pants (framed on her wall!).

It doesn’t make no sense, no.

It’s not convenient, no.

It doesn’t fit my plans, oh it’s something I don’t understand.

This new solo show from Drunken Chorus (I Never Told A Joke In My Life, Just Like Larry Walters) celebrates wearing sequins with corduroy, dancing ‘till your feet hurt, and being driven to gigs by your mum.

A love letter to Jarvis.

A show full of disco lights, smoke machines and beacons in the darkness.

A DIY guidebook for a teenage journey through the pitch black Yorkshire night.


We really hope you will be able to join us!

We’ll be sharing behind the scenes thoughts and images using #loveandthenlighthouses so please have a look.

Love DC x



We have some VERY exciting DRUNKEN NIGHTS IV news!!

This autumn DRUNKEN NIGHTS IV presented 18 emerging artists each performing 10 minutes of brand new work over 3 events in London and Sheffield pubs. Photos of these nights are here, here and here.

From those 18 we have chosen 3 to develop into longer pieces and form our DRUNKEN NIGHTS IV Triple Bill. We will give them rehearsal space, a production budget and mentoring with a professional artist.

So Drum Roll please…

I present to you the DRUNKEN NIGHTS IV Triple Bill…

Two's A Crowd

Two’s A Crowd mentored by Ursula Martinez


Paige Stillwell

Paige Stillwell mentored by Third Angel


Lascelles Dance

Lascelles Dance mentored by Nic Green

Love DC x


Club Soda


We need to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU!!

We are so happy to announce that we have been awarded the full £1000 grant from Starbucks Red Cup Cheer!! Full details about the campaign are here.

It is because of each one of you who tweeted, liked and retweeted our #RedCupCheer tweets that we received the full grant, so thank you thank you THANK YOU!!

We will be putting this money towards our work with Club Soda – a group of performers with learning disabilities, who will be performing at the next DRUNKEN NIGHTS event at The George Tavern, London.

Big love,

DC x

Club Soda performing at DRUNKEN NIGHTS II

Behind the Bar (Making of DRUNKEN NIGHTS IV) #4

Hi Drunken friends,

Here are some behind the scenes photos from the second London edition of DRUNKEN NIGHTS IV on the 26th November at The George Tavern.

It was another fantastic night of performance filled with shots of tequila, four pairs of sunglasses, Shania Twain and a blow up unicorn..


DC x

all photos by sheena

Behind the Bar (Making of DRUNKEN NIGHTS IV) #3

Hi Drunken friends!

Tonight is our second London edition of DRUNKEN NIGHTS IV!! We can’t wait! 8pm at The George Tavern – hope to see you there!

To get you in the mood here are some photos from our Sheffield event earlier in November. Enjoy!

DC x

A pint with… Fauve Alice

Fauve Bickerstaffe

Happy Monday Drunken friends!!

DRUNKEN NIGHTS IV is this week!! So let’s meet another of the wonderful artists who will be performing with us!

Today we are joined by Fauve Alice! Lets grab a pint, sit down and have a chat!

Welcome to DRUNKEN NIGHTS IV Fauve!

Tell us about your work.
I try to make things which have a spirit of anarchy in them.

What made you want to be an artist?
I don’t know if I am an artist, or remembering that I ever wanted to be one. I just like to create things which make me laugh, and as nobody else will indulge me, I have to make them myself.

We’re going to the bar, what kind of crisps do you want?
Ready salted ridged crisps please

Describe the piece you are bringing to DRUNKEN NIGHTS IV in three words.
A chicken’s nightmare.

Favourite drinking game?
I don’t play drinking games, I prefer to drink to my own rhythm.

Tell us some things that inspire you.
People who are happy to be true to their idiosyncrasies.

How do you prepare for a DRUNKEN NIGHT?
A warm bath.

Thanks Fauve!

Fauve Alice will be performing on 26th November at The George Tavern, London.

For more information follow Fauve on twitter.

DC x

A pint with… Nathan Birkinshaw (DN2 artist)

Nathan Birkinshaw

Hello Drunken friends!!

Welcome back to ‘A pint with..’ – a chance for you to find out a little bit more about the artists performing at DRUNKEN NIGHTS IV.

This season we are bringing back some of our past DRUNKEN NIGHTS artists to perform for you! We have recently spoken to Rob GregsonLydia Cottrell and today we have the pleasure of chatting with Nathan Birkinshaw – one of our DRUNKEN NIGHTS II artists – who will be performing in London next week!

Nathan! Great to see you again! Welcome to DRUNKEN NIGHTS IV!

Tell us about the work that you create.
I try to create pieces that resonate with this crazy time we’re living in. The confusion and heart ache of the every day filtered through booze, long nights and the uncertainty of being alive. I think – is that an incredibly wanky thing to say?

What have you been doing since we last saw you at DRUNKEN NIGHTS?
It’s been a roller coaster two years. Since my stint at DRUNKEN NIGHTS II, I’ve made and toured a show called I Wish You Were Here, started work on my first big project about Death & the internet with the help of Manchester based hAb and Contact theatre. Most recently I’ve been working with Altzhimers and memory loss inspired by my Grandmother. In between all that, getting drunk and tending bar to pay the rent.

What inspires you?
80’s power ballads. Gin & Tonics. Nudy magazines and sun sets. But in all seriousness, the work people are creating at the minute; artists are making and sharing some amazing work at the minute in the worst circumstances. And it’s fantastic. My peers who are juggling three jobs while touring a show and living on super noodles. That inspires me. Everyone’s sheer determination to make beautiful, thoughtful, truthful art in wave of all the madness. And bees.

What made you want to be an artist?
My mum asked me when I was 4 “what do you want to be when you grow up” – I looked at the TV and pointed at Andi Peters. So since then I’ve never looked back. Striving to be on’t telly. However that sort of changes and develops with age and now I prefer getting naked and pouring cider all over myself to Phil Collins than pretending to be Bob the shop keeper.

Favourite drinking game?
Heads you drink a shot, tails you take off some clothes… I play it by myself a lot. For practice.

Tell us about your DRUNKEN NIGHTS piece
That Night Recurring is an ode to people, love and making the same mistake over and over again. There is Vodka too.

Nathan Birkinshaw

What was your DRUNKEN NIGHTS development experience like?
Great, I worked with Chris & Sheena loads, ate loads of good food. RichMix was a lovely venue and It was the first bit of commission money I received that was a substantial amount. That meant I could purchase my time back for myself and spend a whole month working on it and living in London to do so. I had the chance to work with Karen Christopher and she was amazing. But ultimately it gave me the ability to perform in front of loads of people, share my work and get some great feedback. Afterwards I remember having this amazing buzz for making things after not making things for so long that I carried on making things and here I am.

We’re going to the bar, what kind of crisps do you want?

Do you have any words of advice for DRUNKEN NIGHTS IV artists?
Whenever I feel uninspired by a process I take these steps:

Go for a walk

Listen to John Farnham – You’re the Voice

Jump on a train.

Look at everyone on this train

Who are they?

What do they do?

Are they inspired?

Get off at the next stop

Grab a coffee.

Listen to – Phil Collins – Against all odds

Focus on one person and pretend that they are who the internal monologue Phil is tell you about.

Get really fucking emotional about this person.

Go home.

Order Chinese food.

And I bet you you’ll do more work in the time it takes the Chinese delivery driver to get to you than you have done all week.

Also it’s O.K to have a bad day. I have them all the time. It’s just make sure you use that frustration that you’ve had a bad day creatively after the Netflix binge that is.

BuzzFeed articles are O.K to be inspired too

One last thing: Have fun.

Nathan Birkinshaw

Thanks so much Nathan! Looking forward to seeing you next week!

Nathan Birkinshaw will be performing on 26th Nov at The George Tavern, London.

For more information follow Nathan on Twitter.

Love DC x